Download Mitosis: The Game 1.6.3 apk Latest Version July 2015

Hi there people delightful around my blog, nowadays i would like to discuss aplication APK together with identify Mitosis: The Game 1.6.3 apk, account and also download web page link readily available underneath the following. Appreciate it!

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APK File NameMitosis: The Game 1.6.3 apk
File Size19.39 MB
Founder/DeveloperFreakinware Studios Limited

Freakinware Studios Limited Note: Eat cells or die trying!Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game !You are a cell, wandering around looking for smaller cells to absorb and grow. Larger cells, likewise, are seeking for smaller cells like you to absorb. Smaller cells move fast, larger cells are very slow! You can split yourself to increase your speed but this will increase the risk of being eaten. Finally, beware of the viruses!Mitosi...

Download Mitosis: The Game 1.6.3 apk
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